Translations from German to English and English to German

Translation Fees Include:

  • a free, no obligation quote
  • translation by native and educated translators
  • use of a second translator to edit and proofread each document
  • copy of translated document
  • postage
  • seal on translated document

Translation Fees are based on:

  • the number of words to be translated
  • complexity of subject matter
  • the time the translation is required by

Translation Fees:

  • Category 1: general letter, general business or reference letter with non-technical terms, birth certificate, police record with no entry, driver’s abstract with no entry: $30.00 per page
  • Category 2: complex business or reference letters with technical terms, complex medical documents, complex legal texts and pharmaceutical documents, police records or driver’s abstract with entry: to be discussed with client
  • Express surcharge for urgent documents needed within 1 to 2 days: $5.00 per translation

Processing Time:

Dependent on document

Final costs will be defined prior to the start of each translation.