Einwanderung, Regierung & Service Links

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Government & Health/Regierung & Gesundheit

  • Canada Benefits Government benefits available to Saskatchewan newcomers.



  • ExpressAddress Offers a convenient way to notify multiple Saskatchewan organizations of your move.
  • Sasktel Telephone, long distance, cell phone (Handy), TV and internet.
  • Shaw Telephone, long distance, TV and internet.


If you are unsure of which bank to use, click here for an interactive tool that will help you choose a bank account right for you. The tools are provided by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), a federal body protecting and informing consumers of financial products and services. Click here for more FCAC interactive tools such as how to choose a credit card, shopping for a mortgage and more!

There are different banks in Saskatchewan that have special offers for newcomers. Here are a couple of them. The Saskatchewan German Council does not recommend or endorse any of the banks listed below. Things to consider before choosing a bank: Location, opening hours, feedback from friends and family, etc.


Other Services

  • SGI Saskatchewan Driver’s Licensing & Vehicle Registration – New Residents and SK Driver’s Licence.