Asparagus is a spring vegetable and mainly due to its short growing season, a highlight for many food lovers. While in Canada mainly green asparagus is common, white asparagus, also called the “royal vegetable” is the most popular kind in Germany.  A variety of dishes can be prepared with asparagus, ranging from simply boiling to soups and even desserts.

The German Harmonie Society in Regina has been organizing a Spargelfest (asparagus fest) for a number of years.  The club’s chef will prepare a 4-course menu with asparagus being the main ingredient.  In past years Spargelfest has been so successful that the club will have it two days in a row this year on April 25 and 26.  For tickets contact the German Harmonie Society (1727 St. John Street) in Regina at 306-352-8597.

For the first time this year, the German Cultural Centre (160 Cartwright Street) in Saskatoon will be having a Spargelfest as well.  The club’s chef will prepare a delicious meal with asparagus.  For tickets to the club’s 1st annual Spargelfest on May 9 contact them at 306-244-6869.

Regina Event Information

Saskatoon Event Information

Spring 2013Now Available! Click the image to access the PDF download!

Front-Page-231x300We are half way through December and everyone is rushing to get Christmas shopping done. Cookies and Christmas baking needs to be done, setting up all the decorations, the Christmas tree and preparing for family and company for Christmas Eve.

Take some time though to relax and grab a copy of this Winter Postillion 2012. It is once again filled with interesting news, stories and updates from the clubs. This edition as articles about various German Christmas traditions, or those to believe being German. You will also find a write up about a Biosphere partnership between Saskatchewan an German. Don’t miss the interesting piece about the scissor cuts which you found throughout this year on the Postillion. Take out the old ones to look at them again!

We once again included a Kinder- und Jugendseite, for the kids and teens. It included short poems about Christmas, a word grit and a picture to colour. Furthermore, you will find short write ups about a book and DVD that you can find in our library. If you are interested in reading the book or seeing the movie, come by the office and you can get it from out library.

Of course we also included a winter salad recipe for you to try. This concludes the 2012 Recipe Corner series and we are thinking about next years theme already. If you have and suggestions, please contact the office by phone or email.

As usual, you will find interesting articles about our member groups and their activities. Don’t miss them!

The Saskatchewan German Council, its Board of Directors and office staff would like to wish Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Hannukha to everyone and a Happy New Year!

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