Spargelfest Regina and Saskatoon


Asparagus is a spring vegetable and mainly due to its short growing season, a highlight for many food lovers. While in Canada mainly green asparagus is common, white asparagus, also called the “royal vegetable” is the most popular kind in Germany.  A variety of dishes can be prepared with asparagus, ranging from simply boiling to soups and even desserts.

The German Harmonie Society in Regina has been organizing a Spargelfest (asparagus fest) for a number of years.  The club’s chef will prepare a 4-course menu with asparagus being the main ingredient.  In past years Spargelfest has been so successful that the club will have it two days in a row this year on April 25 and 26.  For tickets contact the German Harmonie Society (1727 St. John Street) in Regina at 306-352-8597.

For the first time this year, the German Cultural Centre (160 Cartwright Street) in Saskatoon will be having a Spargelfest as well.  The club’s chef will prepare a delicious meal with asparagus.  For tickets to the club’s 1st annual Spargelfest on May 9 contact them at 306-244-6869.

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