P U B L I C    S E R V I C E   A N N O U N C E M E N T

Gauging Saskatchewan’s changing multicultural demographics


SaskCulture, a non-profit cultural organization, is seeking input on the province’s changing demographics and its effect on the delivery of cultural programs and services in communities across our province. Our province’s First Nations and Métis youth demographic is growing and the ongoing arrival of newcomers to Saskatchewan present new opportunities to the cultural sector. We need your input to further explore the impact of the growing diversity in communities around the province to ensure the cultural sector can respond to these changes in an informed manner.

Are you seeing changes in the diversity of your community?

Are you interested in ensuring your programming is more culturally inclusive?

All consultations are open to the public and will be held in the evening (approximately 7-9pm):

October 16 – Saskatoon, Saskatoon Indian and Métis Friendship Centre 168 Wall St.

October 17 – Rivers West – North Battleford, Dekker Centre, 623 Carlton Trail

October 22 Regina, Ukrainian Orthodox Auditorium, 1625 Montreal St.

October 23 – Southwest – Swift Current, Credit Union I-Plex Auditorium, 2001 Chaplin St E

October 29 – Prairie Central – Humboldt, Humboldt Uniplex Rooms 2 & 3, 619-17th St.


SaskCulture, in collaboration with the Northern District for Sport, Culture and Recreation, will be collecting feedback from northern residents through a series of already established District consultations that will be taking place in November of 2013.  When available, details will be posted at www.nscrd.com and www.saskculture.sk.ca.

For more information, visit www.saskculture.sk.ca.

For more information on SaskCulture’s Multicultural Strategy visit http://www.saskculture.sk.ca/index.php?p=Multicultural_Strategy,

or contact the SaskCulture office at (306) 780-9284, or by e-mail at saskculture.info@saskculture.sk.ca.


***Culture Builds Community!***


SaskCulture Inc. receives financial assistance from

Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.

Request for Proposals

The Saskatchewan German Council Inc. is looking for an individual or organization to develop an Online German Class.  Please see the attached RFP for details and forward the information to anyone you think might be interested in submitting a proposal.

Request for Proposals PDF

Each bidder must submit their proposal to sabine@saskgermancouncil.org by October 7, 2013.

The SGC Round Table (formerly known as Presidents’ Meeting) will take place October 19, 2013 in Davidson (Sacred Heart Parish Hall) between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

All presidents and main representatives of our member groups are welcome to join us to discuss current issues. A lunch will be provided for participants.

Agenda for Round Table.

The Saskatchewan German Council Inc. is proud to launch another “What is German about me? Contest”! Eligible submissions are a short film, a poem or a photo collage. All submissions will be categorized in two age groups – 14 to 19 years of age and 20 to 25 years of age. The best submission in each age category (a jury will decide) will be awarded with a $250 Amazon.ca gift certificate. For further information please download the poster and entry form.  The deadline for submissions is October 31, 2013. Please contact the SGC office if you have any questions.

What is German about me? Poster

What is German about me? Entry Form

Here is an interesting opportunity for a short term contract with the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan. Note: the application deadline is August 9, 2013!

Job Ad

Stories of Intergration Flyer

 Summer Postillion

Summer in Saskatchewan is full of outdoor activities and everyone uses the time outside as much as possible. Good thing is, you can read the postillion everywhere.

This edition has a lovely piece about the 2013 Sängerfest which was hosted by the Regina Volksliederchor Harmonie. There is also an article about the Saskatchewan German Council Treffpunkt Weekend, which took place in Estevan in June this year. Many of our members made the trip down south and it was a great get together.

The council underwent some changes with a new logo and new website. The President’s Report goes into some details as to what has changed. Alvin Knoll takes “The History of Germans from Russian” into its 13th part, be sure to read it. As usual, you will find the rolling calendar, a summer recipe, and a little peak into our library in the Postillion. There is also the “Kinder- und Jugendseite” on the last two pages, for the younger reader. It includes a little writing contest. Write a short story about your summer vacation or an imaginary vacation, send it in to the council and you could win a little prize.

Of course the Postillion wouldn’t be complete without the News from our Member Groups. Thank you to all who submitted articles, it’s always interesting to see what each group is up to.

We wish you a wonderful summer!

Please click the image above to access the PDF.

On September 22, 2013 the “Bundestagswahl” will take place in Germany. Germans who live outside of Germany may be eligible to vote as well.

Please read the following announcement carefully.

 Logo Bundestagswahl


für Deutsche zur Wahl zum Deutschen Bundestag

 Am 22. September 2013 findet die Wahl zum Deutschen Bundestag statt.

Deutsche, die außerhalb der Bundesrepublik Deutschland leben und im Bundesgebiet keine Wohnung mehr innehaben, können bei Vorliegen der sonstigen wahlrechtlichen Voraussetzungen an der Wahl teilnehmen.

Für ihre Wahlteilnahme ist u. a. Voraussetzung, dass sie

  1. entweder nach Vollendung ihres 14. Lebensjahres mindestens drei Monate ununterbrochen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1) eine Wohnung innegehabt oder sich sonst gewöhnlich aufgehalten haben und dieser Aufenthalt nicht länger als 25 Jahre zurück liegt, oder aus anderen Gründen persönlich und unmittelbar Vertrautheit mit den politischen Verhältnissen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland erworben haben und von ihnen betroffen sind; sowie
  1. in ein Wählerverzeichnis in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland eingetragen sind. Diese Eintragung erfolgt nur auf Antrag. Der Antrag ist auf einem Formblatt zu stellen; er soll bald nach dieser Bekanntmachung abgesandt werden. Einem Antrag, der erst am 02. September 2013 oder später bei der zuständigen Gemeindebehörde eingeht, kann nicht mehr entsprochen werden (§ 18 Abs. 1 der Bundeswahlordnung).

Antragsvordrucke (Formblätter) sowie informierende Merkblätter sind online auf der Seite des Bundeswahlleiters (www.bundeswahlleiter.de) erhältlich. Sie können auch bei

–       den diplomatischen und berufskonsularischen Vertretungen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland,

–       dem Bundeswahlleiter, Statistisches Bundesamt, Zweigstelle Bonn, Postfach 17 03 77, 53029 BONN, GERMANY, oder per E-Mail <bundeswahlleiter-bonn@destatis.de>,

–       den Kreiswahlleitern in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland

angefordert werden.

Weitere Auskünfte erteilt:

Generalkonsulat der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Suite 704 – 999 Canada Place
Vancouver, B.C., V6C 3E1
604 684 8377


Vancouver, im Juni 2013


1) Zu berücksichtigen ist auch eine frühere Wohnung oder ein früherer Aufenthalt in dem in Artikel 3 des Einigungsvertrages genannten Gebiet (Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt und Thüringen zuzüglich des Gebietes des früheren Berlin (Ost)).

On the past weekend, June 22. & 23., the Saskatchewan German Council held it’s Annual General Meeting in Estevan. The weekend was organized by the Estevan & District German “Freundschaft” Society, in short, the Estevan German Club. The club and its volunteers did an amazing job to provide entertainment, delicious meals and the set up for out AGM.

During the AGM new Board of Directors were elected. We thank the outgoing Board Members for the time and input and welcome the new Board Members.

SGC Board of Directors

Our new Board of Directors for 2013/2014: (from left to right) Ulrike Hecker, Amanda Stehwien, Ray Fichter, Ilona Beck, Dr. Michael Zimmermann, Josephin Dick, Rod Gellner, Katharina Ulbrich, Andrew Grzesina, Marita Bray, Franziska Davies.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN for the Saskatchewan German Council Inc. (SGC) Annual General Meeting.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

10:00 a.m.

Estevan Community Centre (Nicholson Centre)
701 Souris Avenue
Estevan, SK  S4A 2T1


Proposed Bylaw Change


Proposed Change


The property and business of the Council shall be managed by a board of eleven (11) directors, including the Past–President.  The terms of office of the Directors shall be two years and shall be staggered, so that at each Annual Meeting of the Council three Directors shall be elected for a two-year term.  No more than two individual members shall serve on the Board of Directors at any time.


The property and business of the Council shall be managed by a board of eleven (11) directors, including the Past–President.  The executive officers are President, Past President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The terms of office of the Directors shall be two years and shall be staggered. No more than two individual members shall serve on the Board of Directors at any time.


All Executive officers (with the exception of the Past President) may be elected to a limit of two consecutive two-year terms. The Executive officers are Past President, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


Members of the Board of Directors with exception of the President, Past President and Treasurer, can serve on the SGC Board for no more than eight (8) consecutive years. A person elected as President can serve 3 terms regardless of the previous time on the board.  A former Board member may be reelected to a director’s position after being retired for at least one year from the board.


No member of the Board of Directors with exception of the Past President and Treasurer, can serve on the SGC Board for more than eight (8) consecutive years.  No member can serve for more than four (4) years as a regular Director.  However, a maximum of another four years may be served as an Executive Officer.  A person elected as President can serve 3 two-year terms regardless of the previous time on the board.  A former Board member may be reelected to a director’s position after being retired for at least one year from the board.


Signing authority shall be vested in the following three members of the Board of Directors of the Council:  the President, the Treasurer; and the Secretary, any two of whom are empowered to sign in the name of the Council.



Signing authority shall be vested in the president, treasurer, and a third person, either the secretary or vice president. The third person to be chosen by the Board of Directors at the first board meeting after the AGM. Any two of whom are empowered to sign in the name of the Council.


Voting at the AGM

Each group or society having Organization Membership may appoint two voting delegates to the AGM. (Bylaws: 4.1) Each member association can substitute another person for one of its regular delegates.  If the second delegate also is unable to attend, his/her vote will be lost. (Bylaws: 6.7.3) Individual members, Supporting members, Honorary members and Associate members shall not have voting rights. (Bylaws: 4.3)


Audited Financial Statements

The audit was conducted by Jensen & Stromberg.  The audited financial statements are available from the SGC office upon request as printed or pdf version and will also be available at the AGM.


Nominations to the SGC Board

Elections to the SGC Board of Directors will take place on June 23 during the AGM in Estevan. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, nominations will be accepted up to 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. (Bylaws: 6.8.2)

A Board Nomination Form is available directly from the SGC office as well as the SGC Election Protocol.


Asparagus is a spring vegetable and mainly due to its short growing season, a highlight for many food lovers. While in Canada mainly green asparagus is common, white asparagus, also called the “royal vegetable” is the most popular kind in Germany.  A variety of dishes can be prepared with asparagus, ranging from simply boiling to soups and even desserts.

The German Harmonie Society in Regina has been organizing a Spargelfest (asparagus fest) for a number of years.  The club’s chef will prepare a 4-course menu with asparagus being the main ingredient.  In past years Spargelfest has been so successful that the club will have it two days in a row this year on April 25 and 26.  For tickets contact the German Harmonie Society (1727 St. John Street) in Regina at 306-352-8597.

For the first time this year, the German Cultural Centre (160 Cartwright Street) in Saskatoon will be having a Spargelfest as well.  The club’s chef will prepare a delicious meal with asparagus.  For tickets to the club’s 1st annual Spargelfest on May 9 contact them at 306-244-6869.

Regina Event Information

Saskatoon Event Information

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Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Foxy Cabin – Paint Nite at the Regina German Club @ Regina German Club
Foxy Cabin – Paint Nite at the R… @ Regina German Club
Jan 24 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Tickets must be purchased in advance! Click on the ticket link and Use Coupon Code PNJamie for 40% off and an entry into this month’s [...]

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