Raising Children With More Than One Language. A Guide for Parents!

Most immigrants will experience their children learning English faster than they do. They may also experience children replying in English while they speak their mother tongue to them. Why?
Because children want to fit in with their peers – desperately – and because they hear English so much more.

This very brief guide “Raising Children Bilingually” should answer the most important questions about raising children with two languages. The information sheet “Raising children with more than one language: Friends say we should!” along with a section of important Questions & Answers is a more detailed guide for parents about what to do!

Links to PDF’s:

1) Raising Children Bilingually: A Very Brief Guide (3-fold brochure), click here.
2) Raising Children With More Than One Language: Friends Say We Should! A Guide for Parents What To Do (with Q & A), click here.



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